And my world comes crashing down

Lately I haven't been feeling like myself even though I don't show it, I'm literally tearing into pieces on the inside. It hurts that I can never shout out what I really feel curse my fear of causing problems. I've never had issues like this before, this pretty much all started when I moved to Hawaii and started going to public school. The drama, stupidity of others, lack of challenge in school courses, everything in my world just shattered. I never had to deal with friends who were suicidal (who never bothered to tell me anything), friends who were completely naive (I don't even want to associate with that person anymore), friends who are so childish it makes elementary students look mature. I could just keep going by I'm not going to.

For once in my life I never felt like this...its really breaking my heart. I don't know who to trust, who to believe, who to turn to... I'm just completely lost. No one seems to bother telling me anything, well you know what I give up. I'll just keep playing like I'm happy since I don't know what else to do. I know though that one day...just one day, I'm going to regret the choice I've made.

Slowly but certainly, I'm going to completely disappear one day...and never come back.

What School!? No!? ; A ;

First week of school and I already feel like I've been here for months. ; A ; Our school schedule is so screwed up. Its so screwed up I can't even explain it! Its like the teachers didn't even think of making the schedule flow.

Teachers: "hey let's not make the schedule flow let's just mash everything together to make it look like a schedule! 8D"
Students (see's schedule): ........the f---?!?!

well enough ranting about school schedules, I really like my classes this year even though most of my friend aren't in it.

Moving on...I recently animated a シークレット Glow Chorus, シークレット Glow is VocaMania's version of the song Glow. I'm glad that I accepted the request because I learn a few new things with Sony Vegas. Though I'm still an average animator.

" [4:34:30 PM] Tsukinaka~ 『中宮綱出』: It's simple but good. owo)b "

^ basically an explanation of how my animation was. lol

In the end I think start of August has been pretty good. /o/ Let's not push it though
//|o w o;;)\\ <-- I'm not sure what that is...


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