Nothing much really

I don't really have much to say at all. = w = I'm just going to make this a art dump / new cover / whatever else entry. (aren't I creative?)

Art Dump (thumbnail because the original pictures were too big for the entry D:)


Lonely Winter
Shall We Begin?

Yachiru Kusajishi - Colored

New Covers

Whatever Else XD

Currently Mixing:
-[Luka Megurine] Toeto
-[Gumi Megpoid] Poker Face
-[Gumi Megpoid] Just a Game

Currently Animating:
-[Miku Hatsune] Glow (Request)
-[Luka Megurine] Toeto (Koneko Neko Band)

Currently Playing:
-Okami [PS2]

Currently Recording:
-[Chrome Dokuro] Namida no Ondo
-[Kazuki Kato] Easy Go!

Just dumping stuff really... =w=

well...I don't really have anything to talk about since I haven't really been doing much beside being on the computer. =w=
So this entry will pretty much just be an art dump / sig & avatar dump / and chorus stuff.

Starting with the art dump (there's only one really):

Sig & Avatar dump (I was really bored one day also link for the sigs):
Patchouli Sig
Aya Sig
Kyoya Hibari + Hibird Sig
Kyoya Hibari (Chibi?) Sig
Persona 3 Sig
Reimu Sig

Ryou avatar

Chorus / cover related stuff:
Thanks for 100+ subs:

Koneko Neko Band Debut:

Let's see...that's pretty much it.
now for 【The not so important section 8D】

Current Favorite song:
♫Link to the Song♫

Currently Playing:
Touhou - Imperishable Night

Currently Watching:
Spike & Barley Play - Sven Co-op: Afraid of Monsters: Directors Cut (Part 3)
★Link to Video★

Currently Mixing:
【Gumi】 Just a Game Chorus / 【Gumi】 Poker Face Chorus / 【Mio Isayama】 Tsuki no Waltz Chorus

Currently Animating: Special Chorus

and again I make another entry when its really late... *cough12:17AMcough* :'3

Well welcome to Ryuu's blog

Well I decided to create a 3:40 in the morning. =w=;;
I just want a place to talk about stuff and keep certain things organized.
Fb isn't really a good place since my dad made an account there. Twitter has its limited text and skype....I feel like I bother people.

anyway enough about my reason why I made a blog. I'll be posting stuff about other things like Anime and manga's, new songs, video games, animations, etc...

So that's all for now *goes off to figure out things for the blog* =w=
Ryuu out~

on a side note Merry Christmas!


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