Random stuff in all honesty

Well I've been having my ups and downs the past few days or weeks. Been having a lot of stuff on my mind.

Moving on~

Been working on stuff; covers, chorus animations & mixes, drawing. I've also been playing some more Touhou and Osu xD

『Random Little Corner』

Chorus related:


-Poker Face Chorus 【90%】
-Toeto Chorus 【10%】
-Easy Go Chorus 【10%】


-Gotta Catch'em All! 【80%】
-Bad Sweets Duet 【35%】
-Omoide Kakera English Chorus 【10%】


-ハルコイウタ // Haru Koi Uta Lines - Basil Tea Chorus 【10%】
-繰り返し一粒 // One of Repetition Lines - Duet 【10%】
-千本桜 // Senbon Zakura - Cover 【50%】


-Senbon Zakura (oneshot): Listen here~
-Biggest Dreamer -German version oneshot- : Listen here~
-Trick and Treat Redo (progress so far) : Listen here~

Other stuff~

『Touhou Song Subs』

-Floating Darkness 【95%】
-幻奏幻花、届かずの音色 // Gensou-Genka, Todokazu no Neiro 【30%】
-Yu-mu 【20%】
-Alegro? 【20%】


-YTC Family member's Mafia Style 【30%】

New Uploads / Finished stuff


『Game upload』


-Flandre Scarlet : Click~
-DeviantARt ID : Click~

Thats it for now :>

Rebuilding the pieces one by one

If you read my last blog entry you might have realized I haven't been feeling that great. It's mostly due to drama at school which annoys me to no end.

Depressing stuff aside I've been feeling better thanks to my awesome YTC family~
So thanks guys it means a lot to me~ [insert heart spam here]

hm...I actually forgot what else I was going to put here XD

I guess some update stuff will fill in the emptiness. /o/ *shot*

Lastest Cover:

Recently I've start recording gameplay footage /o/
Touhou 12.3 - Hisoutensoku


Lastest Animation:

Recently became a member of:
Basil Tea Chorus & Yami no Tenshi Chorus
Current drawing: YTC family members - Mafia style~
Currently playing: Perfect Cherry Blossom, Touhou Hisoutensoku
Currently listening to: Hartmann's Youkai Girl - Koishi Komeiji's Theme
Currently animating: Bad Sweets Duet, Gotta Catch'em All! [KNNB]

I used the word "currently" too much XD
and I believe that is all owo)/

Summer *dances* So much free time * W *)b

whooooooo~!!!! Summer time is here~~!!!! *shot by sniper x 10* Summer vacation already started like two weeks ago XD. Still being able to sleep in and stay up late without the worries of school is so relaxing * A * Things have been pretty good so far though its seems like we will be having some storms pretty soon ; A ;

Other than weather and things I've pretty much just been on my laptop most of the time =w=)b *shot* ehehe....

In a short list what I've done so far this summer is:
- Mess around with Photoshop improving my skills little bit at a time
- Animate more
- Just be a lazy person 8'D

I've also been watching more LP's now a days. scary ones at that since I enjoy listening to people freak out. XD

and now for.... 【The not so important section 8D】

Current Favorite song:
Flames within these Black Feathers
☢Link to the Song☢

Currently Playing:
Touhou - Imperishable Night

Currently Watching:
Let's Play I Wanna Be the Star Part 3: It's no Omnislash but...
★Link to Video★

Currently Mixing:
【Gumi】 Just a Game Chorus / 【Gumi】 Poker Face Chorus / 【Mio Isayama】 Tsuki no Waltz Chorus

Currently Animating: Luka Luka ★ Night Fever 『Koneko Neko Chorus』 / Special Chorus

Lastest Graphic(s) made: Kahomelody sig JPG / Kahomelody Sig GIF
These were Sig requests owo)b

tis all for now 8D *poofs away* ..... by the way I just change the template of my blog but its not mine either XD *poofs away again*

Why hello~! :D

Whoo~ I feel so stress free now~! /o/ One is because I'm all caught up on school work also because my school will be ending in about a week~! :D I'm so happy~!

There are also several other reasons I'm happy I shall make a list owo)b

-Went to Kawaii-kon and met my awesome YTC friend Suba~! /o/
-Became more accustomed to animating
-I'm starting to improve my coloring / shading skills ... somewhat XD
-My graphic designing skills are slowly improving owo)b
-patience level has gone back up 2 levels
-I'm apart of several choruses now I'm quite proud of myself XD *shot*

Life has been pretty good with the exception that its been raining a lot like there's no tomorrow =A=;;

I plan on changing the template of my blog sometime owo)~ so its more of my own

Here's my newest drawing~
Butterflies and Ryuu
I love the colorful butterflies * A *

Newest Animation~

Organization corner~



❖ Toeto 【Fixing】
❖ Tsuki no Waltz 【Fixing】
❖ Just a Game 【In Progress】
❖ Poker Face: 【In Progress】


❖ Mozaik Role 【Waiting】
❖ Toeto 【In Progress】
❖ Tsuki no Waltz 【In Progress】
❖ Just a Game 【Will start after finished mixing】
❖ Piko Piko Legend of the Night 【Waiting】
❖ 3 animations for Lunatic Illusions chorus 【Unknown】
❖ Poker Face 【Will start after finished mixing】
❖ Tower 【Waiting】
❖ Trust Me 【Waiting】
❖ Luka Luka Night Fever 【Waiting】
❖ You and Beautiful World 〚Duet with Chi-chan〛 【On Hold】

◆Current Planned covers/vocals ◆

❖ 『Hatsune Miku』 Cat FoodShort version
❖ 『Megpoid Gumi』 Poker Face 【In Progress】
❖ 『Kagamine Rin』 Eager Believer 〚Lines〛 【In Progress】
❖ 『Hatsune Miku & Megpoid Gumi』 Matryoshka〚Vocals〛【In Progress】
❖ 『Kagamine Rin & Len』 SiGrE 【Looking for duet partner】
❖ 『Hatsune Miku』 Cremation Melody 【Planning】
❖ 『Hatsune Miku』 Net Game Addicts Sprechchor 【Planning】
❖ 『Dokuro Chrome』 Namida no Ondo 【In Progress】
❖ 『Hatsune Miku / Tightson』 Rolling Girl Rap Version〚For Flare〛 【On Hold】
❖ 『Kagamine Rin & Len』 Neko Mimi Switch 〚Duet with Mini〛【Not Started】
❖ 『YUI』 Rolling Star 〚Duet with sHaNtA〛【Not Started】
❖ 『Meiko & Kaito』 Tsugai Kogarashi 〚Duet with Ceca-chan〛【In Progress】
❖ 『Higurashi Cast』 With You Bonds~ (Satoshi)〚Lines〛【Not Started】

More serious issue...

Well I've been busy mostly with school and what not. Getting ready to go to Kawaii-kon this Friday after school. Of course I'm going all three days not to mention I get to meet my awesome friend from YTC Suba~! Sadly I won't cosplay because I don't have anything, maybe next year.

I've been getting more involved with animating choruses (even though I'm not a fast worker and like to go at my own pace). I need to hold back on accepting animations just until I finished the others on my plate. orz... but I started to get more used to Sony Vegas playing with the effects here and there. Still I have a long way to go before I can even think of using After Effects.

I'm starting to get back into drawing (sort of) but my skillz with my drawing tablet suck. To add on to that I can't even color that well nor shade, and whatever else. But that's where patience comes in right?

Speaking of patience...my patience seems to have diminished down 5 levels. I grow impatience a lot more easily now. I seriously hope its not due to possible stress I have. Which it most likely is. OTL

Other news...I haven't been able to go on skype that often anymore. One because my internet tends to act up and disconnect itself. Two its because school just drains my energy (since the teachers are pushing us because the school year is close to ending) so sometimes I don't really feel like signing in. ; w ; Along with my drained energy I don't have the urge to record anything.

I think that's enough for now...no update thing like my other entries. Since it doesn't really belong in this entry. Maybe next time.



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