What School!? No!? ; A ;

First week of school and I already feel like I've been here for months. ; A ; Our school schedule is so screwed up. Its so screwed up I can't even explain it! Its like the teachers didn't even think of making the schedule flow.

Teachers: "hey let's not make the schedule flow let's just mash everything together to make it look like a schedule! 8D"
Students (see's schedule): ........the f---?!?!

well enough ranting about school schedules, I really like my classes this year even though most of my friend aren't in it.

Moving on...I recently animated a シークレット Glow Chorus, シークレット Glow is VocaMania's version of the song Glow. I'm glad that I accepted the request because I learn a few new things with Sony Vegas. Though I'm still an average animator.

" [4:34:30 PM] Tsukinaka~ 『中宮綱出』: It's simple but good. owo)b "

^ basically an explanation of how my animation was. lol

In the end I think start of August has been pretty good. /o/ Let's not push it though
//|o w o;;)\\ <-- I'm not sure what that is...

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