Whee (lame title XD)

Well Winter Break has been fun though I haven't really been doing much. =w= Been Drawing a lot since I downloaded PT Sai onto my computer.Crappy Drawing mostly because I'm not good at coloring and what not.
PT Sai drawing.

On another note came across some interesting videos on youtube:

Persona 3~ <3

And Brad from 4PlayerPodcast playing the House 2 makes my day! 8D

now for some organizing~ :3 (more like useless update XD)

Currently Playing:
-Final Fantasy XIII
-Persona 3 Portable

-Toeto Chorus
-maybe a mixture of different songs for New Years? owo

-Finished animating a Chorus for someones B-day (just need to wait for the mix now) First time using Sony Vegas 8D Still got a lot to learn though =w=

Songs I want to cover:
-Cremation Melody

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Guess who found your blog-thing~ c:

Don't look at my name!

...you probably already have though...


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