Time for some organizing XD and something else owo

Ah well though I should organize some of the things I'm working on to help keep me well... organized XD

Other stuff will be at the bottom owo

◆Currently Playing◆

-Final Fantasy X [PS2]
-Final Fantasy XIII [Xbox360]
-Persona 3 Portable [PSP]


[x]Toeto: might go back and fix a few things
[x]Tsuki no Waltz: done
[]Just a Game: only two people submitted vocals so far

[]Mozaik Role: haven't received all pictures or mix yet
[]Toeto: need to finish drawing the avatars first 2/13 done
[x]Tsuki no Waltz: currently working on
[]Just a Game: waiting until more members submit vocals
[]Piko Piko Legend of the Night: waiting on mix (and nameplates) so I can start
[]I will not say because its a secret :3
[]sPiCa? I'm not sure if I'm the animator for this one

◆Current Planned covers/vocals ◆

-Cat Food ~ Short version
-Poker Face (the one sung by Gumi Megpoid)
-Eager Believer (because Game wants the vocals for the chorus XD)
-Dancers in the Dark
-Matryoshka (not making a cover but the vocals are needed for a chorus group I'm in)
-Cremation Melody
-Crack (Vocaloid song)
-Net Game Addicts Sprechchor

*looks* my that's long owo;;

anyway onto other things~

School is boring as usual so nothing much there.
hm... well I finally found out what that face thing is in the song Blue sung by Hatsune Miku owo)/
Blue - Hatsune Miku

Ao Oni

I was bored so I did some karaoke challenges 8D I introduce "Ryuu does a Karaoke Challenge"

hm....what else owo nothing for now I guess XD

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