I'm back and ready for a fight *shot* =w=

Whoo~! I got my laptop back after it started having issues. Sadly though all my files are completely gone =A=;; I'm not depressed though since I can start anew. *w*

Anyways~ I have so many things to do =A= so I have to work my butt off whoo~ *shot*
I was away for almost two months; because my laptop and I had to leave for a trip. Now that I am back I can get back animating and working on covers owo)/~*

Enough about that while I was in Thailand I bought some Katekyo Hitman Reborn dvd's because I was interested in the series. Now I wanted to read and watch the whole series from the beginning. owo because the dvds I bought were during the choice battle part / section whatever...

I'm also hosting a chorus for the song Poker Face sung by Gumi Megpoid (no auditions necessary)
[Gumi] Poker Face Chorus~! Deadline: April 15th

Moving on =w=)/

These two songs have been stuck in my head the past few days

Katekyo Hitman Reborn opening 7 - Funny Sunny Days

Mousou Sketch

Nothing else really now a little organizing



-Toeto: have to redo it because all my files weren't able to be recovered
-Tsuki no Waltz: redoing
-Just a Game: Waiting until the deadline to start mixing
-Poker Face


-Mozaik Role: haven't received all pictures or mix yet
-Toeto: need to finish drawing the avatars first 2/13 done
-Tsuki no Waltz: currently working on
-Just a Game: Same as the vocals
-Piko Piko Legend of the Night: waiting on mix (and nameplates) so I can start
-sPiCa: Working on it right now
-3 animations for Lunatic Illusions chorus (If I am doing them that is ouo;;)
-Poker Face
-Trust Me

◆Current Planned covers/vocals ◆

-Cat Food ~ Short version
-Poker Face (the one sung by Gumi Megpoid)
-Eager Believer (because Game wants the vocals for the chorus XD)
-Matryoshka (not making a cover but the vocals are needed for a chorus group I'm in)
-Cremation Melody
-Net Game Addicts Sprechchor
-Mousou Sketch

....its 3:24 AM and I'm not sleepy 8D *shot*

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