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Well I've been busy mostly with school and what not. Getting ready to go to Kawaii-kon this Friday after school. Of course I'm going all three days not to mention I get to meet my awesome friend from YTC Suba~! Sadly I won't cosplay because I don't have anything, maybe next year.

I've been getting more involved with animating choruses (even though I'm not a fast worker and like to go at my own pace). I need to hold back on accepting animations just until I finished the others on my plate. orz... but I started to get more used to Sony Vegas playing with the effects here and there. Still I have a long way to go before I can even think of using After Effects.

I'm starting to get back into drawing (sort of) but my skillz with my drawing tablet suck. To add on to that I can't even color that well nor shade, and whatever else. But that's where patience comes in right?

Speaking of patience seems to have diminished down 5 levels. I grow impatience a lot more easily now. I seriously hope its not due to possible stress I have. Which it most likely is. OTL

Other news...I haven't been able to go on skype that often anymore. One because my internet tends to act up and disconnect itself. Two its because school just drains my energy (since the teachers are pushing us because the school year is close to ending) so sometimes I don't really feel like signing in. ; w ; Along with my drained energy I don't have the urge to record anything.

I think that's enough for update thing like my other entries. Since it doesn't really belong in this entry. Maybe next time.

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I hoped you had fun at your Con last weekend and hope that you'll be able to relax soon.


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