Why hello~! :D

Whoo~ I feel so stress free now~! /o/ One is because I'm all caught up on school work also because my school will be ending in about a week~! :D I'm so happy~!

There are also several other reasons I'm happy I shall make a list owo)b

-Went to Kawaii-kon and met my awesome YTC friend Suba~! /o/
-Became more accustomed to animating
-I'm starting to improve my coloring / shading skills ... somewhat XD
-My graphic designing skills are slowly improving owo)b
-patience level has gone back up 2 levels
-I'm apart of several choruses now I'm quite proud of myself XD *shot*

Life has been pretty good with the exception that its been raining a lot like there's no tomorrow =A=;;

I plan on changing the template of my blog sometime owo)~ so its more of my own

Here's my newest drawing~
Butterflies and Ryuu
I love the colorful butterflies * A *

Newest Animation~

Organization corner~



❖ Toeto 【Fixing】
❖ Tsuki no Waltz 【Fixing】
❖ Just a Game 【In Progress】
❖ Poker Face: 【In Progress】


❖ Mozaik Role 【Waiting】
❖ Toeto 【In Progress】
❖ Tsuki no Waltz 【In Progress】
❖ Just a Game 【Will start after finished mixing】
❖ Piko Piko Legend of the Night 【Waiting】
❖ 3 animations for Lunatic Illusions chorus 【Unknown】
❖ Poker Face 【Will start after finished mixing】
❖ Tower 【Waiting】
❖ Trust Me 【Waiting】
❖ Luka Luka Night Fever 【Waiting】
❖ You and Beautiful World 〚Duet with Chi-chan〛 【On Hold】

◆Current Planned covers/vocals ◆

❖ 『Hatsune Miku』 Cat FoodShort version
❖ 『Megpoid Gumi』 Poker Face 【In Progress】
❖ 『Kagamine Rin』 Eager Believer 〚Lines〛 【In Progress】
❖ 『Hatsune Miku & Megpoid Gumi』 Matryoshka〚Vocals〛【In Progress】
❖ 『Kagamine Rin & Len』 SiGrE 【Looking for duet partner】
❖ 『Hatsune Miku』 Cremation Melody 【Planning】
❖ 『Hatsune Miku』 Net Game Addicts Sprechchor 【Planning】
❖ 『Dokuro Chrome』 Namida no Ondo 【In Progress】
❖ 『Hatsune Miku / Tightson』 Rolling Girl Rap Version〚For Flare〛 【On Hold】
❖ 『Kagamine Rin & Len』 Neko Mimi Switch 〚Duet with Mini〛【Not Started】
❖ 『YUI』 Rolling Star 〚Duet with sHaNtA〛【Not Started】
❖ 『Meiko & Kaito』 Tsugai Kogarashi 〚Duet with Ceca-chan〛【In Progress】
❖ 『Higurashi Cast』 With You Bonds~ (Satoshi)〚Lines〛【Not Started】

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