Summer *dances* So much free time * W *)b

whooooooo~!!!! Summer time is here~~!!!! *shot by sniper x 10* Summer vacation already started like two weeks ago XD. Still being able to sleep in and stay up late without the worries of school is so relaxing * A * Things have been pretty good so far though its seems like we will be having some storms pretty soon ; A ;

Other than weather and things I've pretty much just been on my laptop most of the time =w=)b *shot* ehehe....

In a short list what I've done so far this summer is:
- Mess around with Photoshop improving my skills little bit at a time
- Animate more
- Just be a lazy person 8'D

I've also been watching more LP's now a days. scary ones at that since I enjoy listening to people freak out. XD

and now for.... 【The not so important section 8D】

Current Favorite song:
Flames within these Black Feathers
☢Link to the Song☢

Currently Playing:
Touhou - Imperishable Night

Currently Watching:
Let's Play I Wanna Be the Star Part 3: It's no Omnislash but...
★Link to Video★

Currently Mixing:
【Gumi】 Just a Game Chorus / 【Gumi】 Poker Face Chorus / 【Mio Isayama】 Tsuki no Waltz Chorus

Currently Animating: Luka Luka ★ Night Fever 『Koneko Neko Chorus』 / Special Chorus

Lastest Graphic(s) made: Kahomelody sig JPG / Kahomelody Sig GIF
These were Sig requests owo)b

tis all for now 8D *poofs away* ..... by the way I just change the template of my blog but its not mine either XD *poofs away again*

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